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Our Notable Blended Soy Wax™ 

  • Made from soybeans which is Vegetable based and a renewable resource.

  • All Natural Therefore Burns ​clean - Does not contain toxins or pollutants.

  • Environmentally Friendly - Health Friendly.

  • A well-made soy candle will burn cleanly and slowly to add more sustainability 

Our Notable Blended Fragrances

Our fragrance are all natural essential oils clean from Carcinogens, Mutagens, Reproductive Toxins, Organ Toxins, Acute Toxin & more. Our Fragrance are exceptionally blended to create a new line of Notable Blended Fragrances to keep you refreshed & radiant while we keep your home smelling clean, delectable & toxin free.

 H&L Candle Care

 Picking from our notable collection.

Step 1: Searching For A Candle.


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"Bought The Entire Beginning Collection & They Smell amazing."  

Christabel R.

"Bought Wooded Escape & Love Potion Packaging has a personal touch. Candles smell amazing!"​

Vivian F.

"First of all i smelt love potion through the box & it smells amazing."

Ryan A.

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